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ZVA ABlue LV  To achieve the prescribed EURO 6 limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) the exhaust gas treatment with an urea-SCR process proved the most effective way for diesel vehicles. So far the process has been used to minimise emissions on heavy vehicles.
SiteSentinel® Nano® Console
NANO Конзола  The SiteSentinel® Nano® tank gauge offers an easy-to-use interface and remote accessibility in a compact console, delivering precision inventory monitoring for fuel sites of all sizes. The gauge’s small equipment footprint and patented multi-drop technology make it ideal for fuel sites of any size. The Nano can monitor up to 12 probes and 24 sensors, while its multi-drop technology lowers installation costs through reduced wiring expenses..
Ebsray® pumps
Ebsray® LPG Помпи
  Ebsray® Pumps designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of Positive Displacement and Regenerative Turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, selected products are marketed to supplement the range.
POLIAX UPE CON SM EN 12115 OND is a very flexible hose suitable for suction and delivery of a wide range of highly aggressive chemicals such as most industrial acids, alkalis, oils, fuels and solvents. It can also be used as a flexible connections in paint plants.
Hose construction
Tube: Lucent, black, smooth, conductive, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), suitable for foodstu­ contact according to FDA, EEC Directive, Italian Decrees
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile fabrics,  embedded steel wire helix and built-in copper wires to allow the electrical connection between hose and couplings
Cover: Black, corrugated, antistatic (R < 1 M‑/m), EPDM rubber compound, heat, abrasion, ageing and weather resistant
Hose temperature range
-20 °C (+5 °F) to +100 °C (+212 °F) For aggressive chemicals and solvents the hose is intended to be used at room temperature. The hose can be cleaned and sterilized with usual detergents or steam – a temperature of +130 °C (+266 °F) for short periods.
According to
EN 12115

Chemical hose POLIAX UPE CON SM EN 12115 OND

• Extreme flexibility, superior kink resistance, minimal force to bend
• Fits also foodstu¬s according to FDA
• Suitable for ATEX areas
• Meets TRbF 131 part 2 par 5.5 (flame resistance)
• Vacuum: 0.9 bar up to dn 63.5, for larger sizes 0.8 bar
• Burst Pressure Value 4:1

Number I.D. O.D. WP BP Weight R min
mm mm bar bar kg mm
IH36811570/40 19 31 16 64 0.71 38
IH36811571/40 25 37 16 64 0.87 50
IH36811572/40 32 44 16 64 1.07 64
IH36811573/40 38 51 16 64 1.35 76
IH36811574/40 50 66 16 64 2.29 100
IH36811575/40 63.5 79 16 64 2.51 127
IH36811576/40 75 91 16 64 3.07 150
IH36811577/20 100 116 12 48 4.43 200